L'Heureux Reunion Montreal 

Over 100 people gathered in Montreal, QC, Canada at noon on Saturday September 19, 1998, for the first L'Heureux family reunion. The descendants Simon Lereau and their spouses sang, danced, ate and told stories.

The oldest cousin at the reunion was Jacques L'Heureux, born August 30, 1916, son of Joseph L'Heureux and Josephine Lafrance, grandson of Léon L'Heureux and Emma Parent.

The youngest cousin was Eric L'Heureux, born August 16, 1998, son of Yves L'Heureux and Cindy Desouza, grandson of Roger L'Heureux and Thérèse Lagrenade.

To all those who were there, thanks for making this first reunion a great success and a lot of fun. During the following weeks I will be posting pictures and observations as they become available.

They were there
The # after the name indicates an internet cousin. What happened
As the hands of the clock approached noon, the cousins started to arrive at the saloon. Jacques (#1) had prepared a welcome sign with the names of the internet cousins on it as well as color prints of the photos many of them had sent to him. After signing the guest register, a horse drawn covered wagon brought the guests to the dining room of the sugar shack. There on the wall, Martin (#3) had put up two family trees. One showing the internet cousins and how they are related to each other and another showing the descendants of Léon Heureux. The majority of the cousins at the reunion were descendants of Léon, so most people could find themselves in that tree.

A traditional sugar shack meal was being served, fresh soup, omelets, sausages, beans etc. and naturally lots of maple syrup everywhere.

After the main meal, Jacques and Martin welcomed everyone to the reunion. Jacques gave a summary of the activities that led to this reunion of the L'Heureux cousins and their spouses and Martin made a few announcements. Then the music started and everyone was invited to join in and enjoy themselves. After the dancing and singing people had a chance to mingle and exchange family stories. Many had not seen each other for years, for some it was their first time so there was lots to tell.

Later in the afternoon., Jean-Claude presented his slide show of his visit to St-Côsme-de-Vair in France, the village where Simon, the ancestor of the L'Heureux family, came from.

After lots of goodbye's and fond farewells, the guests went home with happy memories of a memorable family reunion.

Jacques took several pictures at the party. You can see them on his page.

Martin has his pictures on his photo page. Note, it will take about two minutes to down load, especially if you have a slow connection.

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