Doei Trainz
My Trainz History


It all started in the summer of 2002 when I discovered Trainz in a local computer store.

The next version was UTC

The next and what many consider the best version was TRS2004

Meanwhile, to help those who like to create their own content, Auran released the Content Creators Art Source.
Contren Creation Art Source

In TRS2006, a new method of managing all the assets was introduced, namely CMP. It was a love/hate relationship. Some people loved the way they could manage all of their Trainz assets and how everything was in one place. Others, including yours truly, took one look and decided to give it a pass and stay with TRS2004. Those who where heavily into content creation did not like the way that objects where hidden in the new database, making the creation cycle more cumbersome. Another thing that didn't endear CMP to many was its tendency to freeze, crash and corrupt the database.

There were several other versions that followed, each with some improvements to the code base but they were also more limited in that each only contained the assets needed for the specific routes in each version. I didn't buy any of them.

The latest version TS2009 has an improved content manager, now known as CM2. It is being released in two parts. The first is known as World Builder Edition. It contains most of the assets from all the previous versions and has a much improved code base under the hood. With it, content creators can build new content to the new standards as well as upgrade their previous content. It will also be the instrument to create new routes. TS2009 WBE will run most previous content but because of a stricter enforcement of the rules, errors which in previous versions were allowed to pass, even though they may have affected the performance or even caused game crashes, are no longer accepted. A compatibility mode has been included to ease the transition. Once more new content is available, a second edition known as Engineers Edition will be released which will be aimed at those who just want to drive Trainz without having to create their own routes. If you have both versions installed, they will merge to become a single TS2009.
TS2009 WBE