The Genealogy of Martin van Kuilenburg and Louise L'Heureux

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The van Kuilenburg family

In about the year 1708, Anthonie van Kuilenburg was born in Lienden, Gelderland, Nederland. His great-great grandson, Dirk van Kuilenburg, a soldier in the cavalry, also born in Lienden left the Netherlands sometime in the 1850's and went to the Dutch East Indies (now known as Indonesia). There he eventually married Olyphia Maria Magdalena Frans. Their first child Antoni van Kuilenburg was born in Jogjakarta on March 2, 1866 and died in Buitenzorg on September 24, 1910. He started the line that has lead to me.

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The L'Heureux family

The L'Heureux family has been traced back to Simon Lereau who arrived in New France (Québec) around 1652. I have traced the line to Louise but still need to fill in many of the side branches.

L'Heureux Reunion Montreal 1998

For more about the L'Heureux family, I invite you to visit Jacques L'Heureux at his Genealogy Home Page. There you will see all of the latest information.

The Voghel family

The Voghel family tree has been traced back to about 1748 in Bavaria, Germany.

Information still needed

Note: If you notice an error, let me know so I can correct it. As with all historical research, the farther back we look, the fuzzier the view, so if I have placed people in the wrong parent-child relationship, the mistake is not intentional.

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