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Welcome to my Trainz corner of the Internet. First a bit of my history with Trainz.

I'm currently discovering the latest version of trainz from Auran, TS2009

If you have questions about this or any other version of trainz, great places to visit are the Trainz Discussion Forums
There you will find some of the friendliest people on the web, freely giving of their time to help and support their fellow Trainzers.

One of the most satisfying aspects of Trainz is the ability to create your own world and everything in it. The game comes with many objects built-in and to those who have registered, thousands more are freely available at the Download Station. This is place were creators from around the world upload objects they have made which can then be downloaded by the rest of the Trainz community and used in their own routes.

Another way to get more objects is to build your own. Using 3D modeling programs like GMax and others, even ordinary users can create objects that they can use in the game. GMax was the little brother of the professional 3D creation program 3ds Max. Even though official support for GMax was stopped in 2005, it is still available from the support site in the above link. You can also get GMax  from Auran . While there, don't forget to pick up the Content Creation Pack which you need to export your newly created objects into a format that trainz can use. Another piece of software you'll need is an image editor to create and manipulate the texture files you will use to cover your objects.

One place you should definitely visit if you're new to creating is the Learning Centre. There you will find many tutorials to help you get started making your first creations.

To see some of the objects that I've created, have a look in Martinz Trainz Workshop.

For some random images from Trainz and trains, have a look in my photo album.

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